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Rock Further Information

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About Rock

Situated four miles northwest of Wadebridge and across the River Camel estuary from the major tourist resort of Padstow. Rock, like so many other Cornish coast villages is a former fishing village. The fishing has long since disappeared but its nautical connections still remain. It is a popular anchorage for numerous small craft from rubber dinghies to luxury sailing boats, it also boasts a sailing club and a water skiing school.

Rock is basically one long sandy beach following the estuary all the way to Daymer Bay. The sand, like most north Cornish resorts is a golden yellow colour and soft. There are excellent walks along the beach and sand dunes taking in all the water activities that take place during the summer.

The village has a shop, a few tea rooms and bars. There is also one of the two Michelin starred restaurants in Cornwall to be found in Rock, 'The Black Pig', and the other one is not too far away. Perhaps an indication of how an expensive an area this is, recent housing construction has attracted millionaires like bees to honey, locally referred to as 'Chelsea by the sea'. It has been said that the village is not particularly welcoming to those not in the right set, by the right set we include certain members of the royal family.
'Rock' does not seem a proper name for a place that consists purely of sand. The name originates from a local quarry where the rocks were used as ballast for sailing ships. The quarry is now a car park.

There is a regular passenger ferry that runs to and from Padstow which brings a considerable amount of tourist to Rock, it is interesting to see how it wanders around the hidden sand banks at low tide.

Just a mile down the beach towards the sea is 'Daymer Bay'. A nice place to sunbathe and have a swim. It is not a good idea to swim at Rock, the currents can be extreme, having said that, there is an annual swimming race across the estuary. For those interested in surfing, Rock does not have any, nearby Portreath is the place to go, one of the best surfing beaches in Cornwall.
Also close by is the St Enodock Parish Church with its distinctive 13th century crooked steeple. Probably better known for its association with John Betjemen who is buried here.

At the mouth of the estuary there is the infamous 'Doom Bar'. A sand bank running across the entire length of the estuary that can cause enormous sell when conditions permit, and this is quite often. Rock is also home to the 'Sharps Brewery', an independent real ale established in the mid 1990's.

Just across the river in Padstow there are numerous other shops/restaurants/tea rooms/boat trips, a very busy place during high season.

Local special events include:
Padstow May Day:
The village continues to celebrate May Day in a traditional way that has its origins back in Pagan times. It begins at midnight on the eve of May Day and lasts throughout the 1st May. The locals sing in the new morning and then follow the 'Obby-Oss' (a man in a black frame wearing a mask) around the narrow streets until late eveing. Needless to say, the pubs are very busy and everyone has a good time.

Rock Accommodation:
The accommodation in Rock is extremely limited, it consists of:
Rock guesthouses - Considering the popularity of Rock these are not numerous, there are a limited number on the approach road.
Rock self catering - this basically consists of:
Cottages in Rock, these are quite numerous, many are basically second homes being let out when not in use by the owners. Unfortunately, like most popular places in Cornwall this tends to increase the cost of property putting it out of reach of the local population.
The hotels in Rock are not numerous but they tend to be of excellent quality and the price reflects this. The Rock camp sites and caravan parks are all on the outskirts in the surrounding countryside. The size and geography of Rock does not lend itself to this type of accommodation.

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